About Us

Truck Insurance Experts

The team at Fidelity Insurance Partners values honesty and open communication. We believe that by communicating accurate information to our clients, we can help them make the best decisions regarding their insurance coverage.

A big part of getting accurate information is having an insurance agent you can trust. That is why we hire qualified agents who truly understand this industry and are able to explain it to our clients.

Your agent from Fidelity Insurance Partners can assist you with:
• Figuring out the appropriate coverage for your needs.
• Learning about your options for group and employee coverage in the workplace.
• Saving money by purchasing insurance policies as a package.
• Navigating the claims process.
• Determining the amount of risk posed by your everyday business activities.
• Having the right limits on your coverage.

Expert Focus for Difficult Cases

We specialize in property and casualty insurance but focus on a wide variety of other types of insurance such as life and health insurance. Having an area of expertise allows us to offer more value to our clients, and expanding our knowledge into other areas of the insurance world also helps us grow as a company.

If you are in a situation that makes it difficult to access the insurance policies you need, do not worry. Some clients are hard to place, but we do not give up easily. Our wide network of insurance carriers gives us options, and our experienced team of agents makes it easy to find someone that has the knowledge required to take on your situation. We are dedicated to finding any solutions that can help you move forward.

A Commitment to Quality Service

Connecting you with the right insurance agent is crucial for success. We take the time to get you in touch with an agent who has the exact skills needed to handle your case. Located in Palatine, IL, we are committed to serving both the nearby community, the state of Illinois as well as an expanded client base all over the country.

Fidelity Insurance Partners is about so much more than just providing insurance. We want to help every client thrive. When clients follow our advice, they tend to see a reduction in their premiums. They get placed with better insurance carriers and earn greater returns on their investments.

Please contact us today to get more information about insurance, sign up for a new policy, or simply to go over your options. Our agents are ready and waiting for your call.