Trucking Insurance

For cargo transportation businesses, trucking insurance is an important consideration - especially for companies that manage a large fleet of vehicles. You will most likely need multiple types of trucking insurance for your business. It is important to work with an agent who demonstrates a thorough understanding of this complex area of insurance. Our agent will be able to help you sort through what is available.

The Types of Trucking Insurance:

Trucking Liability

Trucking liability is a type of insurance that protects your company in the event one of your drivers causes an accident or injures another party while on the job. It can also cover damage to property or other vehicles that occurred during an accident.

Non-trucking Liability/Bobtail

Depending on the rules and practices at your company, your truck drivers may sometimes operate their trucks during off-hours. You will need liability protection during these times.

This type of insurance can be referred to as either non-trucking or bobtail insurance, and it covers damages that occur when one of your trucks is being used outside of the job. It is best to carry this type of coverage as part of a comprehensive package that includes general trucking liability or cargo insurance. You do not want there to be any gaps in coverage that could put your company at risk.

Cargo Insurance

If your company hauls cargo, that cargo must be protected. Otherwise, in case it got damaged, you would have to cover the loss.

There are different types of cargo insurance, and some can protect more than just the load itself. For example, if the load materials are flammable or corrosive, they can damage your truck in an accident; you may be covered for those damages. There are various policies based around specific types of cargo, so you’ll need to speak with your agent about which policies might be needed.

Physical Damage

This type of insurance usually falls into two categories: collision and comprehensive. Both varieties are designed to protect your rigs in the event of damage. Collision insurance covers the damage from an accident. Comprehensive insurance covers any damage that occurs when the truck is parked or stored. Vandalism, storm damage, and fires may be included in the coverage.

Occupational Accident

Along with protecting your rig and cargo, you also need insurance to cover other types of accidents that occur on the job; for instance, a driver may be hurt while preparing a load. This type of insurance may also cover passengers riding in the vehicle.

Occupational accident insurance often covers medical costs, disability, death, dismemberment, and more. The details of your policy should depend on the needs of your company and should be discussed with an expert insurance agent ahead of time.

Trailer Interchange or Non-owned Trailer Coverage

The logistics of the trucking and cargo industries may sometimes require your company to use trailers that belong to other companies. In these circumstances, you need extra protection so that you are not responsible for the cost if someone else’s trailer is damaged.

Trailer interchange insurance provides coverage if you do have a legal written agreement, and non-owned trailer insurance covers you when such an agreement was never in place. The former variety covers the trailer all the time, while the latter only provides coverage when the trailer is attached to a truck. Depending on how trucks and trailers are utilized in your business, you may want to secure either type of coverage.

Employee Theft and Dishonesty

Employee fraud is a huge issue in today’s world. This type of insurance coverage can protect you if one of your employees steals from the business or uses your company’s resources in an undesirable way. Unfortunately, it is not the type of insurance coverage you will want to skip.

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